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Blacoh Fluid Control manufacturers fluid control products for all facets of municipal and industrial process industries.


Blacoh products improve pump and instrumentation performance throughout your entire process system while significantly extending system component life.


Blacoh Fluid Control was formed in 1976 by three partners, Robert Blair, Gary Cornell, and Floyd Haynes – hence, the name Blacoh. While working for a major AOD®* pump manufacturer, Blacoh's principals became acutely aware of the flow system problems inherent with the start-stop or pulsing flow found in positive displacement pumps. As no product was available to solve this common problem, Blacoh was formed.


Fueled by the primary goal to be the market leader in pulsation dampening and surge control, Blacoh soon engineered the product that would become their signature series - SENTRY® Pulsation Dampeners. Since those early days, Blacoh customers have continued to direct our progress and innovations by their requests for assistance with a variety of fluid system problems.

Blacoh Products Prevent :

  • Ruptured or damaged pipes and fittings due to thermal expansion and hydraulic shock
  • Cavitation and the resulting premature failure of the pump, diaphragms, valves, seals, plungers, and packing material
  • Foaming, splashing, and degradation of product
  • Contamination due to the premature release of pressure relief valves and disks
  • Foaming, splashing, and degradation of product
  • Failure of plastic pipe and fittings due to vibration
  • Hazardous and costly spills due to pump diaphragm failure

Blacoh Products Ensure :

  • Steady pressure and flow to filters
  • Meter accuracy, longevity, and repeatability
  • Uniform application of material in spraying and coating
  • Steady and continuous flow when dosing, blending, or proportioning process additives
  • Reduced material waste and rejected parts
  • Complete suctions stroke filling of pump-cylinders and diaphragm chambers
  • Performance of in-line mixers with a continuous flow of product
  • The elimination of surge holes in filter bags

Blacoh Products Protect :

  • Pipes & fittings from pulsation and vibration
  • Valuable meters and in-line instrumentation from destructive pulsations, surges, contamination, and corrosion
  • Filter media from breakdown due to pulsating flow
  • Valves from hydraulic shock and pressure surges