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Plenty Side Entry Tank Mixers


All Plenty Side Entry Mixers incorporate the following:


The high efficiency type true helical pitch impeller with forward rake is unique to plenty mixers



The shaft has been designed to minimize misalignment, deflection and vibration which all affect the mechanical seal and bearing life.



In every case the units are designed and manufactured to require minimum maintenance.


Unique Side-Entry Mixer Tank Shut-off Device

Permits the bearings an mechanical seal to be changed under full tank conditions:

  • Incorporates tapered metal to metal seal faces. All tapered faces are wear and corrosion resistant.
  • Faces are positively clamped by a bolted flange which securely locks and supports the shaft during changes.
  • Most importantly the unit incorporates a check valve for ensuring that shut-off is 100% effective prior to dismantling.
  • No materials are used which deform, wear, or perish with time such as flexible "O" rings.