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Zazula Process Equipment offers a line of Water solutions from Smith & Loveless for the following applications:

Water Sources

  • Lake and reservoir
  • Sea and ocean
  • Well and groundwater
  • Brackish
  • Stream and river
  • Recycle


  • Turbidity/TSS
  • Organics
  • Iron/Manganese
  • Ion exchange
  • Membrane systems
  • Pathogens
  • Disinfections and accessory items

Treated Water Applications for Industries & Municipalities

  • Process water
  • Reclaim water
  • Potable water

Some of Smith & Loveless products include:



Smith & Loveless vertical axial flow flocculators use controlled mechanical agitation for increased particle contact and agglomeration.


Clarifiers & Flocculating Clarifiers

Smith & Loveless offers circular model FS and HS type sludge scraper or rectangular DragStarTM clarifiers. Model FFS and HFS are flocculating clarifiers, which can also be used for softening.


Pressure Filters

Heavy-duty, high-rate multimedia filter systems are available with capabilities for handling most flows. Available in vertical or horizontal configurations.


Gravity Filters

Gravity filters are best utilized whenever operating pressure is minimal or hydraulics allow for gravity.


Activated Carbon

Smith & Loveless Di-Sep Activated Carbon systems use activated carbon to remove low levels of organic compounds that produce taste, odor, and color in potable water.



Smith & Loveless Di-Sep ion Exchange systems remove dissolved calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg), which are largely responsible for the scale formation tendencies in most waters. The use of Softening Systems is often required for boiler feed water, municipal water supplies, cooling water treatment, chemical and petrochemical applications, food and beverage manufacturers, hospitals, hotels, car washes, as well as many other applications.