Hot Rocks Pizza Ovens

The Hot Rocks Pizza Oven combines the speed and convenience of a conveyor with the quality and taste of a traditional stone deck oven. Our granite stone ensures a perfect pizza crust, and an easy-to-use digital touch screen panel allows customers to customize the oven settings to their specific recipes, guaranteeing the best results every time. A forced-air ventilation system ensures continual air circulation for even and effective baking.

The Hot Rocks Pizza Oven is available in different sizes, and up to 3 ovens can be stacked together. Each unit can be set to different baking settings and can produce up to 165 12-inch pizzas or 135 16-inch pizzas per hour. With a triple deck configuration, the Hot Rocks Pizza Oven delivers 495 12-inch pizzas or 405 16-inch pizzas per hour.

Built with a high-grade, stainless steel exterior panel; accessible glass side door; entry and exit conveyor; and a superior granite stone baking surface.

Models │ HR-93-33 │ HR-70-33 │ HR-70-22

Revolution Oven

Then Revolution Oven is a continuous baking type oven with direct fired radiant heat and not a convection type oven. Many different products may be baked at the same time enabling you to increase your sales, baking everything your customers could ever want, when they want it.

Options – You can choose either gas or electric models. There are also 3 different shelf material option: steel, stone, perforated.

Economical – Because this oven takes up less of your kitchen space and offers an ergonomic design so you can double up on quantity. This added to an extremely efficient burner system helps you economize on multiple levels, reducing your operating cost.

Compact size – The Revolution oven’s compact size is only one of the many w ays that this oven is revolutionizing the history of revolving ovens.

Low maintenance – Picard has become famous for providing some of the industry’s most innovative and durable ovens. We continue this long tradition by making the Revolution simple to clean, impervious to rust and trouble-free to operate. Count on your Revolution to provide you with years of hassle-free service.

Models : RE 4-8 │ RE 4-12 │ RE 4-16 │ RE -7-14 │ RE -7-21 │ RE -7-28 │ RE 8-16 │ RE 8-24 │ RE 8-32



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