Service Repair Programs Zazula offers

  • Genuine OEM Parts and Repair Procedures
  • New Equipment Sales and Trade Ins / Discounted Exchange Programs
  • Infield Repair – Mobile Field Truck
  • Rentals and Equipment Loaners
  • Training Sessions for Mechanical Seal Maintenance

Commissioning and Installations of New or Repaired Equipment

  • Provide hands–on or supervisory assistance in configuring the equipment for start-up.
  • Check power at the equipment.
  • Test external bearing temperatures.
  • Measure shaft run-out to ensure conformance to specifications.
  • Visually inspect the equipment for any abnormalities that could jeopardize optimal equipment performance.
  • Complete a comprehensive Commissioning Checklist to confirm that all equipment specifications are met, and that all recommended start-up procedures are completed.

Lightnin Mixer Gear Box Exchange

  • A completely rebuilt reducer to like-new conditions. The exchange reducer program is available for the following Lightnin Models: 70/80, 90, 700/800 high speed heads, 700/800 complete gear boxes.
  • Exchange services allow the customer to get a direct replacement gearbox for a fraction of the cost of a new one.
  • Lightnin’s 48-hour “Break-down” delivery limits your scheduled down time, thus reducing your production losses to a minimum.
  • Lightnin’s exchanges are held to original manufactured standards and include the same warranty as new equipment.

✓ QUICK QUOTE Estimate Turn Around!

✓ Month Warranty on Repairs.

✓ 45 Years of Sr. Technical Service Experience.

✓ In Stock Genuine OEM Spare Parts

✓ Air, Oil Filters and Lubricants as well as Service Kits

✓ Testing to the Manufacturer’s Defined Standards

✓ Mobile / Field Service and Equipment Repair & Installation.

✓ Maintenance Program Offerings. (Special pricing & promo blitzes)

✓ No Lost Downtime – Loaner/Rental Program Available!

✓ Easy Direct Access to Zazula Technical Representatives.

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