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Providing Quality Engineering
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OEM Parts / Equipment / Service Repair

Zazula Process Equipment Ltd. is proud to be celebrating our 60th year providing industries top of the line process equipment and OEM genuine aftermarket parts. We beleive that the “Zazula Advantage” also includes our quality Service, Repair and Maintenance offerings for all the rotating equipment we represent.

As a family owned business in Alberta, it is our privilege to continue to provide the service and solutions that our company founder – Stanley Zazula, ensured all of our customers received over 60 years ago.

Zazula is constantly trying to improve our service capabilities and equipment representation. This has created 60 years of custom engineered solutions and top-brand equipment specializing in the following:
  • Engineered, packaged, and fabricated chemical injection systems
  • Mechanical mixer equipment and solutions for small totes to the largest of storage tanks
  • Fabrication of tanks and pressure vessels
  • Custom design and fabrication of static inline mixers and quills including pipe spool requirements
  • Industrial vacuum pumps and custom air systems for industrial and medical requirements
  • Custom piping and skid fabrication
  • OEM in stock parts, equipment repair, expedited part sourcing

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Top of the Line Industrial Equipment

Mechanical Mixers

Powerful mechanical mixers for seamless blending. Elevate your mixing process with our cutting-edge solutions.

Vacuum Pumps

Reliable vacuum pumps for optimal performance. Trust in our precision engineering for efficient and seamless operations.

Metering Injection Pumps

Accurate metering injection pumps for precise dosing. Enhance control and efficiency in your processes with our high-quality solutions.

Plate Heat Exchangers

Efficient heat exchangers for seamless heat transfer. Optimize energy usage and maintain ideal temperatures with our reliable solutions.

Static Mixers & Injection Quills

Dynamic static mixers and precise injection quills. Achieve flawless blending and controlled chemical dosing.

Water & Waste Water

Cutting-edge equipment for water and wastewater treatment. Ensure purity, efficiency, and environmental compliance with our reliable solutions.

Pulsation Dampeners

Eliminate pulsations with our high-quality dampeners. Ensure smooth flow and enhance system performance in critical applications.

Metering Accessories

Comprehensive metering accessories for precise and reliable measurements. Elevate your operations with our top-notch equipment and achieve accurate results.

Industries Served by Zazula Process Equipment Ltd.

Renewable Energy


Food and Beverage


Oil and Gas


Power Gen