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Milton Roy manufactures controlled-volume metering pumps and equipment that delivers unsurpassed reliability and accuracy in critical chemical dosing applications. Zazula Process Equipment Ltd. has represented Milton Roy for over 60 years and as one of the most reliable metering pump products on the market, their pumps enable our customers to operate in many critical processing environments. Milton Roy’s pumps are available in a comprehensive range of models from standard configurations to custom engineered products. 

With over 100 years of experience Milton Roy is a global leader in mixing and agitator equipment.

Busch Vacuum Solutions has become the largest manufacturer of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors in the world. Their engineers have designed unique solutions for your specific needs, and applications that require operating pressures ranging from atmospheric to ultra-high vacuum. 

Zazula Process Equipment Ltd. began representing Busch in 1985, and our trained technicians and technical sales representatives will guide you through the many vacuum pump choices such as R5, Mink, Panda, and many more. We keep in stock parts, accessories and loaners in our Calgary facility for your convenience.

Zazula Process Equipment Ltd. is pleased to introduce Fusion Fluid Equipment as our new mixing equipment manufacturer. Fusion Fluid Equipment out of Whitehall, MI offers American built cost effective mixing equipment with short lead times. Contact ZPE today for quality liquid, chemical, crude oil, slurry, paper stock, water and wastewater process mixing equipment by Fusion Fluid Equipment. Sized, engineered and designed per application, from tote or drum agitators, to complex top, side and bottom entry mixing solutions.

Paul Mueller Company was established in 1940, and is now a world class manufacturer and supplier of Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers and  equipment. Zazula Process Equipment Ltd. has formed a relationship with Paul Mueller, and we are proud to be the only Western Canada representative. 

– Custom stamped dimple plate panels
– Half pipe coil heat transfer surface
– Plate heat exchangers
– Temp-plate inflated heat transfer surfaces

Zazula Process Equipment Ltd. has created static inline mixers known as ZMIX, and use efficient mixing elements for turbulent, laminar and transitional flows with minimal pressure loss. Although they are relatively inexpensive, proper design and selection of static mixers must not be taken for granted to ensure optimal performance, high operational efficiency and long-term useful life. All designs are subject to our inhouse computational fluid dynamics program and the scrutiny of our engineers. When designed and sized properly, static mixers provide excellent continuous mixing of single or multi-phase applications with repeatable results.  

Blacoh Fluid Control is the industry standard for dampening pulsations. They are the leaders and experts at manufacturing fluid control products for industrial process industries. Wherever vibration, pressure fluctuation, non-steady flow, noise, or rapidly wearing pump components are a problem or a significant disadvantage in the application, Blacoh can improve both the efficiency of the pump and the longevity of its components.

Zazula Process Equipment Ltd. has represented Blacoh for over 40 years, and we are proud to be one of the main representatives in Western Canada. We keep a small range of in stock products for quick distribution.

Smith & Loveless Inc. is a representative in the wastewater industry, and has evolved to a leading manufacturing facility for water and wastewater treatments, and solutions for pumping systems. They provide products that deliver unique technology and consumables for mineral processing. Smith & Loveless intentionally designs and builds pre-engineered systems that effectively treat process waste and contaminated groundwater sources, while minimizing the associated capital and long-term costs.

Zazula Process Equipment Ltd. has represented Smith & Loveless Inc. for over 60 years, and we have excelled at supplying advanced, top quality solutions using their extensive water and wastewater technical expertise.

Zazula Process Equipment Ltd. has created a line of chemical injection and sampling quills known as ZJECTOR, they are used to insure rapid dispersal of injected chemicals into a process pipeline. Injection quills allow for treatment chemicals to be safely and efficiently dossed into pressurized pipes, tanks or vessels, and designed for extracting a portion of the fluid sample source in the pipeline, to the sampling system. Refineries and chemical plants have counted on ZPE for over 40 years to supply complete fabricated injection and mixing assemblies, which are custom designed from the nozzle up.

Griffco Valve produces valves and system accessories. They manufacture reliable, high-quality pump accessories for chemical feed and pumping systems. Our technical sales representatives can provide solutions for you with products such as back pressure valves, pressure relief valves, calibration columns, injection valves, and many more.